You are currently viewing 5 day relaxing and memorable Nile Cruise – Luxor to Aswan, Egypt

5 day relaxing and memorable Nile Cruise – Luxor to Aswan, Egypt

Nile cruise November 2007 – all prices mentioned was as of november 2007

Cruise started by being taken from the airport to the ship at Luxor. Guide on the tour told us to pay him the visa fee, and he would then arrange for the visas to be issued. Price was EUR 25 – strangely enough, sign in the airport terminal said that fee was EUR 15 hhhhmmmmm.

Anyway got on the ship which turned out to be very nice. It was the Isis Queen. As seen here. Not that there is an awful lot onboard. A restaurant – buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner – got a bit boring, but overall not bad. Nice clean cabin – fresh towels etc every day. TV in each cabin – min you – all you could see 95% of the time (if anything) was in arabic.

If you have to pay for some kind of excursion package with the tour operator, dont bother – here is a breakdown of approx. costs if you do it yourself.

Karnak Temple / Luxor Temple
Getting there depends on where your ship is based. The one I was one could not possibly be any further away, so taxi into town was only option. There are a total of 400 ships going up and down the nile, so Luxor can be quite busy. Taxi from where this ship was will cost approx EUR 15 – for that you get driven to 1. Karnak, driver will wait for you, then on to 2. Luxor Temple, again driver will wait and finally back to the ship. Entrance to Karnak was LE 50 = approx. EUR 5. Entrance to Luxor Temple LE 40 = approx. EUR 4,50.

Valley of the Kings / Valley of the Queens

Find yourself a taxi – I got quoted EUR 25 for a trip to the valleys and back (room for 3 – 4). Entrance to Valley of the Kings LE 70 = approx. EUR 9 which includes entrance to 3 tombs (not Tutankhamon). The nicest I have seen is Ramses IX, so make sure you see that one. Very near the entrance on your left hand side. Photography inside the tombs is not allowed.

Valley of the Queens is really just one temple, which is quite stunning, although once inside, there is not really anything to see. Entrance was LE 25 approx. EUR 3

Kom Ombo
No need for any kind of transport, as temple will be no more than 5 min. walk from the ship. Entrance LE 25 approx. EUR 3


Trip to the dam is a waste of time – there really is nothing to see. Philae Temple – not bad – located on an island a few kilometers outside Aswan. I did not get any taxi prices, but if Luxor is anything to go by, it should be something like EUR 15 for going there, having the driver wait, and return to the ship. Entrance to Philae was LE 40 approx EUR 5.

I recommend a visit to the Nubian Museum in Aswan (not usually included in tour packages) Entrance approx EUR 9.

Edfu Temple

You can either walk (20 mins.) or get a horse carriage / taxi (approx EUR 2-4). Entrance to Edfu LE 40 approx EUR 5. Quite nice – don’t miss it.

Do your own maths !! Tour operator charged EUR 120 per person for the above package, so if you have no need for a guide, don’t fall for it – it’s a complete ripoff.

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